Brows Incident

Hi, guys. Sorry for not updating in awhile. I’m into my second year at Singapore Polytechnic, and things have been…hectic, to say the least. I’m supposed to be doing my projects now (I have two due end of this week), but something happened today that reminded me about makeup and beauty and being introduced to them, so here I am.
I just came home from the shopping mall. When I was there, I saw two girls looking at some eye products. I thought they were buying eyeliner, and recommended that they buy the Essence Gel Eye Pencil – my current HG drugstore eyeliner.
Essence Gel Eye Pencil Waterproof in 05 Gunmetal
Unfortunately – or is it fortunately? – I got it wrong. They were looking for brow products. They were also at the Maybelline stall. Specifically, brow pencils. In my opinion, they looked like beginners to makeup, and I also took a good look at both their brows. Neither brows looked like they’d ever been touched by a tweezer or razor, so on my good conscience I could not let them buy brow pencils. Some people might think that an eyebrow pencil would be easy. I mean, it’s an eyebrow pencil. You just pull off the cap and draw.
Uh, hold your horses.
Here’s what you might look like if you did just take the pencil and draw in your eyebrows.
Not. Cute.
There is a tendency for people to try and fill in every. Single. Space. They find between their brow hairs. That’s not what you want to accomplish. Unless you are Megan Fox, in which case, keep doing it!
Megan Fox
But if you are Chinese, then you probably should follow this:


Jung Ji Hyun – My Love from Another Star
If you look closely, you can still see her brow hairs. They are also natural straight, which is most Chinese women’s eyebrow shape (Not me!).
So I recommended that they buy the Essence lash and brow gel mascara.
As you can probably tell, it’s clear. What it does is it darkens your brow naturally. Like when you come out of the shower, and your brow hairs are naturally darker, because it is wet? Plus, the product can also be used as a mascara, or lash enhancer, since it just ‘wets’ the lashes. Like so:
Au Naturel
Groomed (with brow powder)

Hope you guys have learned lots!


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