Change in Title

As you can probably tell I changed my web domain and blog name. BeautE came to me in a spur of the moment, but there’s too many names out there that carries it and, as much as I hate to say this, BeautE does not stand out. My mom’s collegue, Liz*, runs her own beauty blog. Liz’s blog is called lizbeautyplace, and the name’s concise, direct and honest. 
My mother told me over lunch, ‘Honestly, BeautE isn’t all that memorable. Maybe you should call it Eunice’s Unik Beauty Box.’
Yeah, no. But thanks for telling me:)
I like Eunice’s Unik Universe more, since it allows me to write about more than just makeup, because I want to write about more than just makeup. I’ve done a few movie reviews and am working on a beauty vlog. I just want a bigger box than beauty because as fun as beauty is, I’m not just interested in it. I want to write more than that, be more than that.
Ciao, for now:)

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