HOME – Review, Opinions, Spoilers

Okay, so this is long overdue.

Hi guys and welcome back. I actually watched Home on Good Friday in the new cinema around my neighbourhood. I wanted to write it the moment I finished the movie, but then my Blogger app on my phone died on me (see my Tryouts article, which I wrote on the app and it took a week to save) and my laptop needed to be reformatted. 
Jim Parsons – Oh

Rihanna – Tip Tucci
First and foremost, congrats on widening the racial gap in animation. Tip Tucci, played by the ever-awesome and changing Rihanna, is an African-American girl with a curly brown afro. I personally think that they created Tip to mimic Rihanna in real life – I don’t know for sure, but then I haven’t watched the featurettes or bhs. 
The story is thematically sound. As the title states, the movie is very family-centric. Home is about the Boovs, who are aliens running away from the Gorgs, who apparently destroy everything in their path. The Boovs eventually finds our planet, Earth, and happily relocates everyone to Australia. Oh, a Boov, relocates on Earth and tries to throw a welcome to home party. He accidentally invites everyone in the current universe to his party, including the Gorgs. 
We first meet Oh, a bumbling, friendly, different person from the other Boovs. He looks similar to other Boovs outwardly, but he is very different inside. Oh is like that friend who always gets things wrong and manages to destroy everything, but remains cheerful and friendly about it. He has caused the Boovs much grief as they travel around the universe looking for a new planet to live with. With Jim Parsons from HIMYM playing the character, the funnies are always entertaining and needs awhile to get boring (like twenty rounds of ‘MY HAND’S IN THE AIR LIKE I JUST DO NOT CARE’). He is trying to find a home for himself, and friends who want to be friends with him – There’s a cop Boov who doesn’t. 
The other character, Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci, is also different, but hers is on the outside. With brown hair, green eyes and the Carribean accent, she completely encapsulates a character, a person who is not-white and is learning to be proud of it. At one point, Tip talks about trying to fit in, and Rihanna delivers the emotional impact of a brown girl in a white people society. With the influx of active, ass-kicking female leads, Tip delivers. She manages to take care of herself and hide while the Boovs take over planet Earth, take down a Boov and make traps. Her only goal is to find her mother, who’s played by Jennifer Lopez. 
Lopez manages to give voice to the desperate mother trying to find her child and fails. There’s very little to the role, but she gives it the best she’s got. 
Captain Smek, played by the esteemed Steve Martin (Cheaper by The Dozen series, It’s Complicated ), is outrageous in his need to dominate, find the silliest if avant-garde headgear and uses to human products, and be a coward. He has the Susher – a rock he stole from the Gorgs during a peace conference sitting on top of a stick – which he uses to quiet Boovs by knocking them on their heads.
Okay, so there are spoilers after this sentence. You have been warned. 
There’s a massive twist in the end, although the adults might have guessed it. The Susher is a very important item from the Gorgs, which is why the Gorgs have chased them over the entire universe for. What you don’t know is that the Gorgs are actually starfishes in a robot body. Just imagine that instead of Tony Stark in the Iron Man suit, you have a starfish.
The Susher actually carries the future generation of Gorgs, and the Gorg that you see chasing the Boovs is the last one. He’s also protecting the family, just as Oh protects the Boovs by standing up to Captain Smek, and Tip fights to find her mom.
The Boov technology introduced in this movie is colourful and funny. As the Boovs have tentacles for limbs and are much smaller than humans, a lot of the tech is fairly easy for the humans to manipulate, as Tip shows when she turns the floating Eiffel Tower upside down just by turning the gravity device to point downwards.  But the hover cars are amazing – using Slurpie-inspired drinks to power the vehicle.
This movie is great for families with young children, students learning about animations, and people who are fans of Jim Parsons and Steve Martin’s previous works. It’s refreshingly funny and I hope to see more movies from these people. 

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