Throwaways – Lipstick

Hi, guys. So recently, I went through my pile of lipsticks and decided to throw two away. They were not working for me.
– Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in 15 Oh So Matt (SGD$4.90)
– Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 130 Rose Velvet (SGD$19.90)

I bought the Essence lipstick on my own money and of my own accord. I was in the funk with having a nude lipstick. I kept having the idea that nude lips means beige lips.

This looks stunning on the model. But it doesn’t translate to real life. 

As you can see here, the colour does not suit me. It’s a bad picture, I know, but I want everyone and anyone who sees this picture to learn from the mistake I made. First of all, the colour washes me out. I use Boots No. 7 Stay Perfect Foundation in Honey, which is really hard to match with different foundations. I haven’t really been using foundation much, other than the Wet n Wild Cream Foundation in Medium.

The thing is, the Essence lipstick is too pink for anyone who has a tan. By tan, I mean anyone from Jessica Alba on. Although, she made the same mistake too.

Although I think the real mistake here is OD’ing on the concealer and a really bad contour. I just don’t recommend it for people, unless you are really sure the colour will work for you. It’s just this weird shade of pink that I’m not even sure pink-toned ladies will wear. It also has this strange sweet smell that turns me off.

So this is why the Essence lipstick has to go.

There’s a story behind my Revlon lipstick.  My mother bought it for me when I first started choir. I was seven. I’ve kept it since then, as a memory. I don’t wear it anymore, but I love the colour. It wasn’t until I watched Tati, with her Makeup Graveyard series. It really got me into looking into my stuff and getting rid of the lipstick.

It’s a really beautiful mauve-rose colour that is just a little darker than my natural lip colour. It’s a perfect day-to-day lipstick for me. But it’s old, and starting to smell, so I’ve swatched it one last time (in the first picture) and thrown it away. I’m saving up for a newer lipstick in the same colour, but right now I’m happy with the Bobbi Brown Lip Colour in 49 Pink Mauve. It’s similar, and I like it.

Thanks for reading this post:)


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