LA Concealer, amongst other things…

This is another video I’ve made this week. It’s no frills, but that’s because I’m just talking here. Here, as you can see, I’m also wearing the Etude House Cushion in W34. I’ve stopped wearing it, since the colour is too light on me (you can tell from the fact that my neck is darker than my face. Usually it’s the opposite.)

I’m currently loving the Wet n Wild Coverall Cream Foundation in Medium. It doesn’t cover pigmentation marks very well, but I love it for the lack of smell and near perfect match to my skin. I like adding a lilac blush to brighten the colour, since it runs a little to orange and I risk looking like an Oompa Lumpa (hope I’ve spelled that right). I find that lighter coverage bases don’t work for me as the temperature heats up. In fact, the cream foundation works better for me than anything else. Plus, once it sets, it becomes semi-matt. It does not have the necessary bit of glow the title ‘semi-matt’ requires, but it does not have the full, over-powdered flat feel. As Wayne Goss always says, the best foundation gives the impression that you have amazing skin, not that you have an amazing foundation on. It’s my memory of what he always says, so sorry if I’ve misquoted him.

I’m really liking the Catrice Powder Brush. It’s really soft and deposits the powder very evenly. I’ve even taken to use it to apply my blush (sorry e.l.f). It makes powdering much faster for me now, which gives me more time on other things. 

I’ve also been doing alot of self mixing recently. Like today, I used only the cream foundation to do my base, adding some lilac blush and peachy concealer/corrector to brighten and conceal certain areas. I’ll be filming me doing it, but I won’t be talking since it’ll be in the morning. But no worries:) I’ll have captions and maybe a full post to explain the whats, whys and hows to it:)

Ciao everyone!

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