Indi-Lashes – A recent love

Hey guys!! It’s been awhile:) So today I want to talk about my false lashes.
This is a set of individual-lashes I bought at a beauty store. It’s something like a dollar store in the US, but the stuff here are around SGD00.50 ~ SGD30.00? This was under SGD3.00 as I recall (it isn’t a recent purchase). As you can tell from the picture on the right, the lash quality is pretty cheap. This is about two consecutive days of use – but then I’m a newbie when it comes to lashes.
So, you might be wondering why I’m suddenly using lashes.
It’s because of this. VVV
This is Teni Panosian, a.k.a MissMaven, with a YouTube video about false lashes. Just as a sidenote, before this, I was never a fan of false lashes. Oh, I am a fan of big, luscious, long lashes that create a hurricane when they flutter. But false lashes was always a miss for me. The band is always flipping out near the inner corners and the outer corners no matter how much glue I apply, and it never looks real!!!
I watched Teni, and things just….changed. 
Here’s a summary of what was said/taught
– don’t apply too much glue on the lash band.
– glue the lashes on the lashline not lashes.
– use tweezers to apply lashes
– apply the glue on the lash box.
– use one finger to balance your hand as you drop the lash on your lashline
She also uses dark eyelash glue (it looked gray from the screen, but she says it dries black). I do not recommend using dark eyelash glue for beginners because (a) when you make a mistake, the glue is very prominent on your eyelids and (b), you need very steady hands to keep the eyelash glue from smearing. I used a cheap white eyelash glue to apply mine, which dries clear. It was from another beauty drugstore, and cost about SGD2.50. I can honestly say I like this better than the Star Lash Eyelash Glue, which retails SGD5.00 ~. I do not recommend the Daiso Eyelash Glue, which retails at SGD2.00. I find that it makes my eyes water, and the glue is way too thin for any efficient gluing to occur. It also has an extremely plastic-ky smell that is similar to traditional glue.
The first day, I applied three to one eye and two to the other. It filled up the space between my lashes, but that was all. As you can see, these are short lashes. I might spring extra money for the Ardell individual falsies (SGD8.00 ~ SGD10.00), but these are okay. My gripe with strip falsies is that they tend to have very thick bands, and all the invisible strip falsies are expensive. I am currently looking into the Daiso falsies, although I have used them before and found their waxy texture highly artificial. 
The second day, I applied three to each eye, along the outer corners. It didn’t boost my lashes up much, but I had a more natural but full lashline. I did stick my lashes on wrongly and no one noticed:) hehe.

So yeah, that’s my experience with individual falsies. When I get some strip lashes I like, I’ll post again:) Ciao!

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