How I do my eyeliner – Corrective Method

Hey guys. You might have seen my many changes in blog names. I think I’ll be settling with this one. The truth is, I’m not the self-assured person people often think I am. Yeah, sure I don’t mind ranting about things that irritate and confound me (secondary school rivalry? Really?), doing stupid shit (sticking my tongue out a la Miley), and be the first to do stuff (as long as it doesn’t require me to look out the window of a very tall building. Or being in the dark.) I also don’t mind criticism, as long as it’s helpful criticism.

I wouldn’t trust myself with the big jobs, like handling the direction of a tv show or keeping the budget tight. And I need to stop feeling like that. I feel very alone where I stand, and I want to stop feeling alone, weak and useless. I’m stuck with a shitty discipline and a not so amazing home life, and I recently blew out most of my savings to buy makeup products. I’m trying very hard not to buy anymore stuff, but I can’t resist staring at the beauty products in the drugstore/pharmacies. 

Anyway, I figured I should start with blogging about things I know first, rather than nitpick on the fact that I am currently out of money 😥 

Eyeliner’s probably up there with the first things both girls and guys will try (straight or not dudes, you’ve thought about it at least once!). It’s one swipe away from beautiful, defined eyes. But often times they don’t exactly come out as such. 
Yes, I know this is a commercial, but it’s what we expect our eyeliner to come out like at the get go. 

And then we get this…

I’m not trying to shame anyone – there’s plenty of people out there doing that already. I’m just giving a guideline and also advice – no one’s born perfectly capable of doing their eyeliner. It’s a skill that takes a lot of work – just like learning how to ride a bike and making cookies. There are some steps, there will be lots of mistakes, but it’s all good because you learn from them.

Like all beauty noobies, I started with pencils. My hands shook when I applied my first flick, which is another thing that you need to (a) teach yourself not to do, (b)grow out of it, (c)apply the many tricks you’ve seen gurus [basically makeup artists and better-established beauty vloggers than moi]. I was lucky enough to be a combination of (a) and (b). I didn’t even realise I was able to do it until I did the standard eyeliner in under 5 minutes without needing any makeup removers. (I believe the earlier statement is what people call humble bragging? but I’m not sure. It just happened).

For those who need a little more assurance, here’s some of the eyeliner hacks I’ve heard over the last 2~3 years of watching YouTube videos. Bonus marks if you can tell which vloggers/bloggers recommended them. (I honestly have no clue)

  • Propping your arm on a table (provided you have a chair and a table that caters to your seated height. #bodypains [took me 1 minute to figure out option + 3 = #] #confessionsofaweirdbody) for an even line
  • Using a curved/bent eyeliner (you know those that bend at a right angle from the handle to the brush [though you are more likely to poke your eyes out] {but if you can do it #respect #icantdoit}) to reduce bumpiness on the line
  • Balancing your pinkie on your cheekbone (as long as you have Dracula-esque protruding monster cheekbones) so the line comes out smoother
  • Scotch tape (press it against the back of your hand twice so when you take off the tape it doesn’t rip your lower lashes out) from your lower lashline towards your brows (which only caters to winged liner and does not help make the line go on smoother)
  • Using double eyelid tape to mark out a more precise line (you can find these at any korean, japanese beauty stalls and beauty supply shops)
  • Applying eyeshadow first to mark out the eyeliner shape you want before applying the eyeliner (applicable to all eye shapes, and very useful if you have oily lids as the powder reduces pigment slippage)
  • Using eyebrow pencil to also mark out the eyeliner shape (I wouldn’t neccessarily recommend this for watery/sensitive eyes because eyebrow pencils tend to be more powdery than eyeliner pencils, and the pigment may fall into your eyes and irritate them.)
  • Just use a lot of eye makeup remover, Q-tips and foundation to correct your mistakes (make sure you get those that are non-irritating, or else there’s no point scrubbing away to the perfect eyeliner)

So here’s how a makeup okayder does her eyeliner.

First of all, I have different shaped eyelids. One’s a monolid (it lacks a fold above the eye when the eye is open) and the other’s a double eyelid. My monolid is also bigger than the other non-monolid, so I need to match the two.


Because of the weird positioning of my comp’s camera, it looks like my double eyelid (on your right) is bigger. It is not. This is with no concealer btw.

So let’s start with my monolid. Take note that my method has many steps, and this form of it (I have several) corrects the differences between my eyes. I don’t do this too often because (a) it’s like plastic surgery, which makes me look like not-me, (b) it’s time-consuming [I need to look back and forth to see where I’ve gone wrong/need to correct], (c) not practical considering I like to do makeup according to my daily whims, (d) it encourages me to believe that I want/need perfectly symmetrical eyes.

Here’s one eye. I do have under eye bags and circles, but this is on it’s happier days. I’m using the Essence Cosmentics Gel Waterproof Eye Pencil in 05 Gunmetal. I’ve mentioned it in an earlier post. I haven’t used it in awhile, and it had dried up and gotten powdery. But once you get through the dried stuff, the pigment is still as grey-black as the day I bought it. I did shed flakes for awhile after taking the photos.

Here I’ve drawn a thin line towards my temples to give me a gauge as to how low my liner is going. I naturally look more ‘harsh’ and unapproachable, so I tend to go for a flatter, drawn out liner that widens and elongates my eyes, rather than lift it, because it gives me a very mature and sexy look. That I reserve for when I wear my reds, orange and purple lipsticks. 
Here I drew out the shape of my eyeliner (camera’s not picking up on the pigment.)

I tried to make a gif here, but I don’t know how to extract the three images so I left as is. I wasn’t leaning on anything, if you were asking. I basically drew a line across my lid, then filled as well as joined the line to the flat flick.

 Stage one complete!

 Let’s move on to my other eye. As you can see here, my lid is shown much more on my double eyelid side, so much more eyeliner will be seen, whereas my monolid swallows up whatever liner I put on unless I go Gaga over liner. 

Basically I matched the height and length of my liner on my monolid side to my double eyelid side. Or else my eyeliner tend to be longer on one side and shorter on the other. This forces (enforces) the illusion that I have similarly shaped eyes. For my non-monolid eye (I’ll just stick to this than double eyelid – #mouthful), I just draw a line across my eyelid to the dot and fill it up to match my monolid.

 Stage Two Complete!

So here’s the step by step for my stage three. Stage one and two was focused on getting a consistent base shape. Stage Three is getting equally shaped liner. I can’t get my eyes to look exactly the shape from every angle, so I have to be satisfied with just looking even when people look straight at me. You can see from pictures left to right the difference. I have much more eyeliner on my monolid than on my non-monolid, but it evens out the shape. 

So that’s all for the moment. I hope you’ve enjoyed this:)


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