Cool Smokey Eye

Welcome back! So this is my tutorial for smokey eye. If you want to wear this as a daily eye makeup, don’t feel like it will be a boring look! You can always add more mascara, eyeliner, add a different coloured shadow on top, or apply a deeper grey into your crease/ outer V. I left mine as it is, because I like being able to show off my eyeshadow blending.

Here are the products I used.

– Urban Decay Naked Basics in Naked 2 (medium taupe)
– Catrice Absolute Mono Eye Colour in Starlight Espresso (darker taupe), Dorian’s Grey (silver satin)
– Tarte 4-in-1 mascara

– – – – – – – – – – – – 

On another note, I’ve actually fallen in love with another taupe coloured product – I honestly thought I had used it in this tutorial, but reviewing the footage I didn’t. XP

It’s the Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadow in Tough as Taupe. I used to have a massive pot of the same range but in Bold Gold, but there’s not much of an occasion to wear gold on a daily basis, and cream shadows dry really fast. .~.

It’s also about SGD$20.00 for 4g, but hear me out. If you wear a lot of one colour, it really is worth the money. There’s a brown in the set (Bad to the Bronze), which is good for girls who want definition but not stark black. There’s also a shimmery black (Audacious Asphalt), although IRL it reads more grey than black. I recommend the taupe for people with oily eyelids, hidden eyelids and monolids, because this definitely doesn’t budge throughout the day. It’s also a favourite of Pati McGrath and has been featured repeatedly on NYFW.

I believe there’s still a rose pink shade somewhere in the market (it’s not on the official Maybelline website) as I remember seeing it in my neighbourhood drugstore. Also a very nice daily colour to wear. I think it’s on offer here in SG, so please go and buy it if you have oily, hidden or monolids who want their makeup to last throughout the day. I’m not being sponsored – I’m a student, and a poor one at that. 

If you don’t like any of the colour I mentioned above, don’t worry. You can layer other eyeshadows on top of the cream. The cream shadow will grab onto the eyeshadows, especially powder eyeshadows, and make the colours stand out even more. For this, I recommend either buying Tough as Taupe, Bad to the Bronze, Audacious Asphalt, or the rose pink one. It depends on what colour you are using, as the different coloured cream shadows amplify different tones of the eyeshadows you put on top. If I must pick, I would get Tough as Taupe, because this particular colour is MATTE, so it won’t interfere or ruin any other shimmery shadows you apply on top.

It’s also much cheaper than the Mac Paint Pot, which I believe is about SGD40.00 for 5g. O.o

Finally, if you really, REALLY cannot bear to shell out/do not like the colours, you can try the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil. They go for about SGD15.90 for 5g. They have a larger shade range – I have a shimmery rose, a soft champagne gold and a deep emerald green – but I’ve heard rumours that it will crease if you wear it on your own. I have experience some of that with the emerald green colour.

– – – – – – – – —
So that’s it for the post! See you again soon!!


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