Velourlips vs. Soft Matte Lip Cream (Australis versus NYX) – Review, Opinion, the list

Hi everyone:) It’s been awhile since I last posted anything here. I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting – it’s been busy. But let’s get going with the post!

As you guys have probably read the title, this post is about liquid lipsticks. I’m in the process of editing my video for general lip products, application and tips, so please stay tuned!

So today I wanted to talk to you about liquid lipsticks. It’s a fairly recent introduction into the makeup world, straddling between lipsticks and lipgloss. Its finish varies between satin, to matte, to recently gloss. The earliest and most well known form of liquid lipstick is probably the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream. They now have the Suede line, which unfortunately are not physically available in SG (alas, my dream shopping spree is still in America, Ulta or Target.) I believe they had reformulated it, but I’ve gotten the new formula, rather than the old one.

According to other bloggers and vloggers, the previous formula was more matte and really set onto the lips. The current formulation is a moisturizing matte formula – it’s similar to the Revlon Matte Lipstick in Really Red – but it doesn’t set. So do not wear this when you expect to be eating/pigging out on mac and cheese. The 17 colour selection is pretty good – considering that the most HG’ed liquid lipstick, Anastasia Beverly Hills, has 20. I found a perfect brown-nude with Stockholm

Tip: You know you have the perfect nude when you have pimples, no makeup and you still look like yourself with ‘normal’ lips. 

Finding nude lips is one of life’s biggest trails. MLBB (My Lips But Better) are easier, because these are colours outside of skintone – and we know that skin bases are the hardest to determine/find. I can honestly say, 8 out of 10 times, getting the right shade is a process

That’s why most people in SG go for BB creams or CC creams. But what about those who are darker skinned, have a tan, etc?

Anyway, I’m digressing.

NYX Soft Matt Lip Cream – Stockholm

If not the formula, then the colour is my gold standard for every other nude lipstick I buy from now on.


Which is why I usually sport berry, red or pink lips.

I also own the Soft Matts in Antwerp (neon medium-pink), Buenos Aires (super light neon peach orange), Istanbul (super light neon Barbie pink).

I have very pigmented lips, so it looks very weird when I wear light colours on my lips, especially if I don’t correctly cover/neutralise my lip colour, so Buenos Aires and Istanbul are a huge bust on me. It helps that Istanbul came in The Mortal Instruments set. Unfortunately, the set was not spectacular, even with the Jumbo Eye Pencil that came with it.

I’m also working in an area with fluorescent lights in orange and white. Neither colour is very complimentary to my or any skin tone – you can guess this is why most Korean drama, where there is a lot of ‘natural’ light, and everyone looks normal, is called dramas. I’ve found that matte shades, unless it’s eyeshadow, looks really bad in these sort of lights. I would suggest anyone working in this light to use BB creams, CC creams and anything that’s in the dewy to satin range in terms of foundation. I find that those look more like skin, rather than a flat matte canvas.

And again I’m degressing. Sigh.
So let’s get to Velourlips.

When Australis first landed in Singapore, I wasn’t very interested in the brand. I was looking for a longer lasting liquid lipstick than my Soft Matts – Revlon Matte Lipstick is okay, but slides when I start eating oily stuff…

Then I started Googling about the Best of Australis, and lo behold, I saw that Australis also sold their own version of a matt liquid lipstick. So I watched about 5 videos of ladies from different ethnicities and races to figure out where in the range I could expect my lip colours to come across, and I went to buy them!

It was definitely much better than what my Soft Matts can give in terms of formula. It dries to a flat matte, which is stunning on the darker shades, but a little too much with the paler shades. They do pack a lot of pigment, which can definitely stain the lip. I recommend when removing this product to slather a thick layer of moisturiser on your lips, leave it there for 5 – 10 mins, then take it off with a cotton pad. My favourite is the Nivea Soft Moisturising Creme for Hands, Face and Body.

I have three shades currently – Pa-ree, Buda-Pash and Shang-Hi. I tried NY-CEE in the drugstore, and loved the colour. I’m most likely not buying Bar-Tha-Lona, since I already have two other lipstick in the same pinky-red.

Pa-ree is a light to medium beige colour. It’s about 2 shades lighter than Stockholm, as a comparison. After my first trial with it, I’m reserving it for when I’m wearing heavy smokey eyes, which is never outside of tutorials since I have nowhere to go for it. 

Buda-Pash is a deep berry colour that borders on black on my skin tone. My mom thinks I look very wayang (i.e. theatrical makeup) when I wear it, so I’m keeping this to days when my mom doesn’t have to see me wearing it. 

Shang-Hi, by far my favourite lipstick, is a stunning purple-fuschia-pink colour. It matches several of my favourite shirts, which are also in the same colour family. 

The formula is definitely matte, and it pills up along the inner corner of the lip when I wore it the first few time. I don’t know if it’s just that I applied more lip balm on those nights when I know I’m going for a lip look the next day, or it’s just a ‘freshly-opened’ like wine phenomenon. But the pilling went away soon after the first few applications.

So pros & cons:


– Matte
– Richly Pigmented
– Sets completely
– Lasts 4 hours even with eating

– Can be drying without lip balm and regular exfoliation
– Limited shade range, especially in the lighter colours
– Stains lips
– Can come off in the inner lip area

Soft Matt

– Shade Range
– Pigmented
– Cheaper (in SG dollars)

– Does not set
– Can smudge very easily
– Definitely comes off in the inner lip area
– Goes everywhere when you eat while wearing the product

So my favourite for day to day colours is definitely Velourlips! Three Cheers for Australis! But my HG nude lip is still NYX Soft Matt Lip Cream in Stockholm. If only I could find a shade match…

Bye Guys!

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