Red River – A Recollection of Thoughts

This is not one of my usual posts. I’m not sure if I will do this kind of posts again, but here goes.
Yesterday, I was browsing the website for ‘new’ mangas to read. I was – still am – waiting for the next installation of One Piece. I happened to see Red River, also known as Anatolia Story, amongst the featured mangas – this changes weekly I believe. I’ve always seen it, on and off, on the featured manga or recommended manga lists, but I didn’t read it until now.

I started reading…and I got hooked.

Rameses & Yuri
Kail & Yuri


Yuri Suzuki (“Yuri Ishtar”)

(Sorry about the layout scramble…have no idea how to fix it)
This story is about Yuri Suzuki (Bottom left), a girl from the 20th century who lands herself in ancient Anatolia as a blood sacrifice for an evil queen’s scheme. Unlike the usual crybabies of the heroine stereotypes, Yuri quickly sheds her weak, crybaby self to become Yuri Ishtar, the Queen of Hittites, and wins many wars.

Before reading this manga, I was already interested in Anatolia, Assyria and the superpowers of the Bronze-Iron Age. This really brought it to the forefront. I literally blitzed through the series over the evening and into the early morning and mid-morning. Yuri was unlike many of the heroines I have read in recent years, and I was very shocked when I realized that this was a 1995 publication. She was kind, but not weak, and had a strong will, which leads and causes her much emotional and physical turmoil. (Spoiler: loses her baby, helps win a battle between Egypt and Hittites, cause a rebellion in Egypt.)

Then there is the romance….oh the romance. I haven’t had a good boy-girl romance since Eve & Roarke, but that’s more of a woman-man romance. Of course, there was the initial dislike and hatred, but this quickly was pushed aside (Korean, ahem, drama, ahem, ahem) for character development and showing us why Kail Mursili would fall for Yuri Ishtar. Why User Ramses (who later become Ramses I, but is actually based on Ramses II, Ramses I’s son.) would also fall for Yuri Ishtar.

But after reading the series…I found myself detaching from the character Yuri. Perhaps because she almost reminded me of a Mary Sue (a character too perfect to be real, or for people to relate to. Beginner’s mistake for most writers). I say almost, because there were times when she also had emotional problems with things happening around her. (Spoiler: Refusing to be queen, for one, because she was afraid of the burden, and also the politics and back-stabbery that tends to happen when you are part of the governing body.)

Her ascension into a fighting warrior-queen, embodiment of the goddess of war, fertility and love was a little fast for me, although the 28 volumes did provide a lot of entertainment and joy. I felt that I wanted….more. Just more. I can’t explain it.

And then I started thinking about how I would fare in the medieval times.

First thought: Death.

Well, now that’s out of the way….

Second thought: Definitely have anyone who will teach me to beat me into fighting shape. Most likely going to meddle in the past for my future, find ways to earn money. Find out how I can survive here, in my new surroundings. Probably going to need a language teacher as well. Hopefully evade being captured by slave traders.

And now….I have a possible storyline to tug on.

Sigh….this is what I get for an overactive imagination.

Also, I found this drama review person called A Koala’s Playground. I share the same opinion over many of the mangas he/she is speaking of, and he/she also showed me a few that I will now go and read.

I do wish she had probed further into Yuri’s pregnancy though.

C’mon, guys, she’s queen. Eventually, there has to be an heir or babies.


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