Yami no Purple Eye – A Recollection of Thoughts.

And here comes another manga!
So I went through Koala Playground’s post, and started reading Yami no Purple Eye.
It’s about a girl called Rinko, who finds out that she is part leopard. There’s a crazy, albeit slightly sympathy-enducing scientist who is hell-bent on getting Rinko and her kind, to show the world that there are transformers living in their midst. There are 12 volumes in this series, also written by Chie Shinohara, which makes for a shorter but just as well-fleshed characters. The story is split into two parts, (part one being about how Rinko becomes a were-panther, and part two about the pureblood child she gives birth to).

As a warning, I would not recommend you read this after a bad day at work, a fight, or anytime you feel emotional compromised. It is a very sad story with a happy ending. A lot of people die, and you start to question a lot of stuff that you need a clear and stable mind to really dig in and ponder about. I’m just emotionally drained right now, because of this and a whole lot of stuff, but keep this in mind when you want to read the book;)
Oh yes, I am probably going to write a time-travel story – I actually have another one in my arsenal that I haven’t quite fleshed out, though I have a pretty decent backstory and ‘fistory’ (fictional history) to go with it.
Yami no Purple Eye is a great story for those who don’t mind a lot of deaths and tears. The main character Rinko is very different from Yuri, whom I talked about earlier, as she spends quite a lot of the first part of the story crying and being unwilling to accept being a were-leopard (but then, knowing that she has a much shortened life of about 20 – 30 years, I wouldn’t blame her that much.)
As a warning, I’ll be very busy for awhile, so I may not be posting on the regular. Will try scheduling posts, so you still get a piece of my thoughts!
See you!

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