My Issue with Liquid Eyeliner

Hi everyone! Have you had a great Christmas? It was raining over in SG during Christmas, which isn’t so bad because we got to stay at home and watch TV:D I guess it shows how sedentary the modern homo sapien are. My mom made this joke; weekends, watch tv. Public holiday, watch TV. Christmas, watch TV. But that’s because we so rarely get to watch TV together. The most we do is evenings at my grandmother’s, watching Chinese dramas. My brother doesn’t like those, so he’ll be in another room, watching cartoons.


Okay, so enough background. +NikkieTutorials my prayers to your family!
I didn’t know about +NikkieTutorials family problems over the holidays until fairly late, because I decided to delete my Twitter and Facebook apps on my phone, and I started thinking about whether I even really need a twitter account, since it seems to consist of ‘I liked so-and-so YouTube video’. And my Facebook account is not much better, either. But at the same time, if I don’t have them, I’m not going to get information as fast, and I would most likely miss most of the big news – that’s how I am, except when I read articles from sites like +StyleCaster , @Byrdie (because apparently the site doesn’t have a +Google page, but has Twitter).
And I’m rambling….
I’ve always been a fan of eyeliner. I’ve used pencil, I’ve used gel, I’ve used cream…even the dreaded liquid ones. The first one I tried, I remember very clearly, was one of the Maybelline HyperSharp Liners (or was it the Kate one?) I nearly poked my eyes out with the tip, and I found that it dragged like crazy over my eyelids (it felt like I was dragging a blunt toothpick over my eyelids). I didn’t realise that I was suppose to run it lightly over my lids, or even stamp the product on using the side of the applicator. They were also tightly packed brush applicators, with bristles that were quite sharp.

Before I used liquid eyeliner, I was using a Rhomlon Eye Pencil, and for awhile after, the SilkyGirl Eyeliner that was retractable. And then the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Brown, in the pot, which I had until recently (I’d kept it for 4+ years…and still used it).

Speaking of SilkyGirl, I don’t know when they discontinued their Skin Perfect Liquid Concealer in the two shades, Fair and Light. As I recall, Fair is pink-toned, and Light is yellow-toned. They are also really light. I checked their website, and you can see it here, but I can’t find it anymore. I quite liked it, but it’s incredibly light, and for those of us who do sports or are out in the sun more often than not, it can look like the reverse panda.

I know, this is an old photo of Demi, and she hasn’t made this mistake since, but every time I look at some of the concealers in my repertoire, it’s this photo, and another one of Jessica Alba, that keeps me from going HAM with the concealers. 

I wish SilkyGirl realised this already, and made a bigger line of concealer and foundation shades. Not everyone looks like or wants to look like a K-Pop star. And with the sun on our backs, it’s very likely that instead of looking like Suzy, we look like we put on our makeup in the dark, and came out with clown white makeup.

Yes, I know this is an African American woman, but I couldn’t find another picture that really showed this, and I don’t want to use another celebrity’s photo. And I’ve just realised that I used to actually walk around, looking like this plus an over-application of blush. No wonder I hate pink blush now (although, I hate anything that’s pink, unless it’s for my eyes and lips).


Agh. This is supposed to be about eyeliner!!!!

Okay, about two years back, I tried using eyeliner again. This time, I bought the Essence Stays No Matter What 16h liquid eyeliner (have no idea if I bought the waterproof version or not.)

It has a brush applicator, which is completely different from everything else I’ve ever used…and honestly, I hated it. The product went everywhere on my eye except for the line I was trying to draw, and the product itself was streaky and thick and took longer than I expected to dry, which transferred onto my lid when I blinked right after I applied the thing. I threw it out after a week of trying to make it work, and three months hiding in the corner of my makeup bag.

But recently, I decided to re-challenged myself with a liquid eyeliner. I actually bought one before, the Catrice Eyeliner Pen in Black (Waterproof), but that dried out after I forgot to use it, and it was in a pen-style, so I think of it as cheating, since pen liquid liners are definitely easier to use.

The current one that I am trying out, which I still think is a bit of a cheat, is the Catrice Liquid Liner in 01 Dating Joe Black. One thing about Catrice products, their shadow, lipstick and eyeliner naming game is on point, like Urban Decay. 

The one I own is the black version, rather than the blue one you see. It’s not waterproof, which I love, because it means if I make a mistake with this, I can just grab a Q-Tip, or wet a clean eyeliner brush, and whisk the mistake away. I do recommend that you wait for the mistake to dry before you wipe it off, especially if you have concealer on, because this liner is pigmented. I tried swiping it off when I made a boo-boo with my under-eye lining before it dried, and it left a thick black smudge that needed makeup remover and a Q-Tip.

As to what I feel that it is a bit of a cheat, that’s because the liner comes with a foam applicator. Foam applicators are stiff, which makes it easier to draw a line (which is why the Lancome Artliner is such a big thing in Asia, and sells like crazy). HOWEVER, the Catrice Liquid Liner’s foam applicator is not as stiff as I thought. Because of the length of the foam applicator, its tip is very thin and bendable. Its thinness makes it ideal for me when I draw my inner eye area (around the tearduct), and also for a tiny flick on the outer corners. It’s still a bit of a learning curve, and I’m not sure if this will take the cake from my pencil and gel liners, as I find the line that the liquid liner draws is much stark but blacker than my pencil and gel liners.

But we’ll see, we’ll see. More updates soon:)


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