ShadowHunters – Looks Like….

Episode 5 is out. I’ve watched and re-watched 3 and 4 just to see if there’s anything good to say. I’ve had to read about 8 reviews before I could justify sitting down and actually writing about the episodes, because I couldn’t believe that I hated a show so much, and felt so disappointed by it.

I’m not even going to bother to look for pictures and memes this time round – or any time round. But I will recycle the pics I’ve used in the previous review for the sake of clarity when I’m talking about the characters.
I was too nice with the series. Probably because I wanted so badly to like the series, and I didn’t want to attack the actors and actresses for what is most likely shoddy writing and worse filming. You wouldn’t believe how much I had edited from the first review, because it was all negative stuff and to show you, I would need to go and cut the scenes out for you to see.
A lot of the review I read said the pilot was ‘clunky’. I can’t think of a better word for the rubbish that was churned out. I really wanted to (still want to) ask the scriptwriters if they had bothered to learn to write a proper script at all, or had even written any good scripts ( which is the worst because they probably have, and those were also probably rejected for other people’s better works). If I could spam this post with the red-faced angry-devil emoji, I would.
ShadowHunters never managed to hold it together as a series. The books, well, I don’t see the appeal anymore, but it could be me just wanting better works for YA in general. The movie, in comparison to the series, was pretty much an Oscar to me.
But let me just say Emeraude Toubia has a BIG future in acting, or anything else she wants to do in her life. Everyone else seems to have (a) taken the lazy way out, (b) has sucky acting chops, (c) no chemistry. Despite the cheesiness and shoddy filmwork + special effects, Emeraude bitch slaps it all and owns Isabelle Lightwood. Jemima who?
Yeah, you should be feeling so good now, Emeraude


Probably the only entertaining point in the series, I’m probably only tuning in to ShadowHunters just to watch her kick the ass out of this series. I’m pretty much on her side, and her fan now. At first, I was a little meh with her line delivery and acting, but she has the charm, chemistry and charisma to keep the scenes that she’s in fun. She’s also all about the slow simmer, as Mama Lightwood gives Isabelle the ‘don’t consort with those who are beneath us’ talk, and kills the ‘wanting-to-kill-my-uber-bitch-mother-but-can’t’ look,
The best part is, she is the one with the least amount of screen experience. This is her sixth screen role, and she is good. Keep going, get better, and even the sky won’t be a limit. Sure, she’s not the next Jennifer Lawrence or Shailene Woodley or Kiernan Shipka, but there’s always room for more talent.
I’m probably going to do a video review and showcase the best of Emeraude/Isabelle.
Now back to being critical.
Remember when I said I was looking forward to Dominic Sherwood and Matthew Daddario (who happens to be Alexandra Daddario’s younger brother)? Yeah, I take back what I said. The cast, behind the scenes, had great chemistry. But on screen? Watching Dominic and Matthew act as a parabatai pair (which is like a supercharged version of the Twilight imprint…but not) was about as flat and plain as printer paper. No amount of good looks is saving the show. But I’m not giving up on the actors, just the series. I want to see them a bit more before I throw in the towel.
And then there’s McNamara.
Still have not watched The Scorch Trials. (She) still has a looong way to go before leading another series. And the best part is, she has the most small screen and silver screen exposure out of all the lead roles (Sherwood, Toubia, Daddario and Alberto Rosende [the cute dude playing Simon]). Her line delivery and acting was wooden, and needed work. I couldn’t feel any energy, or felt any pity for her as she jumps into trouble and gets people hurt. Her voice has also been grating on me. When she’s talking in an interview, like here.
It’s not so bad. I don’t know if it’s just editing, but when she talks there’s this annoying lilt in her speech that makes my hair stand and want to climb a wall. Every episode til now, I’ve had to push pass her ‘lilt’ and concentrate on watching the show. And when she’s pissed off, she just sounds like a little chihuahua yipping. There’s no punch, and I am not convinced that she’s pissed.

And the adults were pretty much like fillers. Valentine had no originality, no appeal, and not enough screen time, which makes me think that they could have used the 13-eps to develop the main characters, and wait til season 2 to bring in Valentine. First, you get mystery, which in turn, if done well, can add to the fear and terror of when you actually meet Valentine. But nooo, when you meet Valentine in the pilot, it’s at a place called Chernobyl. Seriously? You need to use a location that had a horror and spook factor just to make Valentine look scarier? You can’t come up with something better?

The mother’s pretty much non-existent, and Dot (or Dorothea) is presumed dead. And Luke is just….meh. He has nothing to talk about that I’m interested in.

I literally just died looking at this.

The CGI here is not great, but not spectacular. Some say it’s crappy, but for me it’s good enough that I don’t keep going back to the CGI and weird green-screen effect that bad CGI effects have. BTW, the Isaiah Mustafa pic came from here.

There is a quote I got from one article, which goes, “Shadowhunters” is the type of show in which every fist-bump and meme-referencing bit of dialogue feels market-researched and cynically dispensed. From TheWrap. There wasn’t a good delivery to be seen, except for Mama Lightwood in Ep 5, everything Emeraude Toubia, a shot from a ‘kick-ass’ Hodge, and one or two from Malec.

I HATE the scorch marks/tattoos. Looks like ShadowHunters practice branding their fighters, rather like slavery, don’t you think? It’s stupid, and the fact that they just had to change something that was perfectly fine in the first place to look different, and ‘cool’ shows how much less ‘cool’ that they are.

The seraph blades were much better in the movie version, which looked really cool and otherworldy without looking like misshapen light sabers that need a good iron and blacksmith. The lines were cheesy and hammy and clunky, and the only one who manages not to look stupid in every scene is Emerauda, Hodge and Magnus ( the latter two simply because they hold so little screen time.)

Don’t watch this if you want an okay series. Don’t bother with the books, because there’s so much more and better books out there to be read – and if there’s none, there’s always Tamora Pierce to have your back.

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