I apologise for the grainy texture to the film. For some reason, my phone camera decided to fail on me.

Hi guys, so it has been awhile:) Hope the time spent until now has been fruitful.

Here’s some background to the video;

I own 2 Urban Decay palettes – Naked 1 and 2. I didn’t buy no. 3 coz I was not interested in rose-toned palettes, and now I’m on the fence about it. I really love the palettes I own from Urban Decay. They are opaque, creamy and blend like a dream. The satin shimmer and metallic shimmers are the bomb…well, until this video and tutorial I did.

Before deciding to splurge on the Urban Decay palettes (as a comparison, one UD Naked palette = 1 meal at a restaurant like Ambush or Ootoya for 3, with dessert), I watched several vlogs of makeup artists and Youtube makeup gurus who own the video. A lot of people were recommending buying it, but on both sides, people complained of the fallout from the UD eyeshadows. I remember watching Sam and Nic Chapman – the two beautiful, fabulous and talented ladies behind the international brand Real Techniques – talk about the Urban Decay palettes, and, I think it was Sam (???) who talked about the W7 knockoff of Urban Decay Naked Palettes (I have the Naked 2 knockoff).

Sam and Nic were also on group fallout, and after I bought UD Naked 1, I thought maybe the UD palettes just don’t work for them. They never had any fallout…until now.

For the Pinterest makeup, I used this Pin to do my makeup.


The look made me use colours that I had barely, if ever, touched before. I generally don’t have a problem with wearing pink on my cheeks and lips, but I do have a love-hate relationship with the colour, texture and tone of it. It always makes me feel like society is making me conform to their standards, since they always put pink on girls and blue on boys. But I’m digressing.

The pigmentation is awesome and the best currently in my collection, but the fallout wasn’t pretty. I had glitter cheeks for the entire day, and even if others could really see it, I know that they are there, and it bugs me. It sucks that my blending game was pretty strong that day, and it was ruined because the glitter got everywhere on my face.

But it did lead me to start highlighting my face, so there’s a plus – ’cause I have highlighters in my makeup closet that are gathering dust.

Since then, I haven’t really used the palette, but I still take it out sometimes to take a look at the gorgeous colours. I know I said in the video that I might do the Naked 2 tutorial, but…I’m currently in a makeup ‘less-is-more’ situation, and I just blew a lot of money on makeup…again. Or maybe I will do it…still, have lots other posts in mind to do.



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