Bookmarking + Chit Chat

Sometimes, my titles are incredibly direct.

About 12 hours and 14 minutes ago, I’d written my earlier post – Coming to Terms. I’d gotten one comment about it, from Maxwell. Thank you for shouting back from the beyond. It’s probably night time over in the US. I know because I catch up on shows from the US.

I’ve had this ridiculous window of tabs sitting in my Google Chrome for more than a week now. It was about 40 tabs at the beginning, and I’ve slowly whittled it down to 6. It wasn’t easy. The human eye is trained to scan an online article, from the heading on the top left, to the first paragraph along the right; on and on until you finish reading it.

I read extensively online. I read articles about makeup, beauty, skincare, wellness, work, life advice and etc. If I’m interested or feel that the article has information that I want or need to know, most likely I have read it.

I was bookmarking several of the articles I’ve read; as well as posted the more inspiring and interesting ones on Facebook. And I was just wondering, how does everyone use the bookmark section? I know some use it to bookmark articles for later reading. What about others? Comment below.


I am still trying to get a hang of using WordPress instead of Blogger. I had switched platforms, mainly because I had an extended hiatus from my blog, GurlnotGuy (or GirlnotGuy, depending on whether the ‘i’ version or the ‘u’ version was taken on any given platform). Going back to it recently, I felt that I had changed so much in between January of 2016 til now. It sounds really corny, but I’ve really learned so much since then.

I am also writing more about some of my troubles in my past. I hope that people who read these posts can learn from them and come to understand their flaws, even overcoming those flaws.


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