MOTD + ColourPop Cornelious

To talk about this makeup look, I have to go back to yesterday.

I was wearing Colourpop Peachy Keen foursome set. It’s not like their single pressed shadows – this set is made up of their cream to powder Super Shock Shadow. The set consists of Crimper (soft gold with multi-dimensional gold glitter), Kennedy (matte true mid-time peach), Cornelious (matte warm caramel) and Bandit (matte warm rusty brown).

Let’s focus on Cornelious.

A year ago I was looking for transition shades. I was getting into Advance Eyeshadow Application 101, and one of the big things about eye makeup was transition shades. Jaclyn Hill preached it, people were talking about these colours like they were gospel, and names like TikiHut, Creme Brulee, Chickadee, Morroco were discussed, dissected and divulged through the beauty community. Yellow-toned brown was the biggest deal, and very few cosmetic brands produced a high-quality version of the colour.

Jaclyn Hill also introduced me to yellow brown eyeshadows or, in her own words, baby poop brown.

She’s the reason why I’m the proud owner of Colourpop Flutes (discontinued) and Deux (also discontinued, but a good dupe is Crenshaw from the same brand, or maybe Wilshire for a more peachy vibe – I don’t own either, just judging them by swatches online). Deliriously obsessed at one point with the Sleek eyeshadow in The Mail from the brand’s I-Divine Palette in Oh So Special. I’ve been using the ColourPop shades mentioned religious for the last several months.

But I think I’ve found something to top them. And that shade is Cornelious, from the Peachy Keen Set.

Colourpop Cornelious

As you can see from the picture above, it is the perfect transition shade for warm to neutral eyeshadow looks. I usually do not mix warm with cool shades, because it doesn’t look as cohesive to me. The shade is also USD$5, and international shipping is free when you spend above USD$50 (which is equal to about SGD$69). Not bad right?

Hope you guys try this shade out, and leave your comments down below about it if you have tried the shade. See you next time!


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