Painted Skin – How a Skin Consultation changed my Perspective

This happened last year, around fall.

Before the consultation, I believed that I’d gotten my skincare routine down. I was oily-combination skinned, I rarely get pimples outside of pre-menses, and I had SPF50 sunscreen applied on my face and neck on a daily basis. However, none of the mattifying primers that I’ve used (including but not limited to MUFE Step 1 Mattifying Primer, which in itself says something) has worked in keeping my skin velvety all day despite claims and recommendations. A friend of mine had recommended that I go for a skin consultation with Mary Kay. I thought that Mary Kay was an old, stuffy brand, much the way Estee Lauder feels to me despite its re-branding with ambassadors like Kendall Jenner. But I kept my mind open.

I got lost on the way to the store, but the consultant was patient and waited for me. I explained to her what I think my skin is, and how I felt my concerns were. I was already starting to grease up and sweat, as it had been a long and difficult ride out. She took a moment to study my skin with the makeup on before getting me to remove the makeup – which had been some concealer, a balm stain, mascara and brow mascara from what I can remember. As I was removing the makeup, she explained to me what she was seeing from the condition of my skin.

‘You have a lot of oils on your skin,’ she said. I nodded, expecting the answer. ‘But it’s not because it’s oily. I think it’s because it’s dry.’

It shocked me. Since puberty, I have always had a sheen of oils on my face regardless of the mattifying moisturizer, sunscreen and cosmetics that I piled on. It didn’t help that I was a former choir member, and grew up in the transitioning 2000s of cake foundation. She could see my concern, if not downright alarm, and continued. She pointed out that after washing off my makeup and residue from the day’s activity, my skin was tight and probably felt dry. I agreed that it was tight, but I didn’t agree with the latter.

Then, she gave me a light cream cleanser and cotton pads drenched in water to fully cleanse the dirt off my face. As soon as I cleaned off the cleanser, there was an apparent change in my skin. My skin immediately felt lifted and supple which shocked me. The consultant asked me to swipe my skin in an upwards motion. In my mind, I nodded in agreement. She knew her skincare. The motion will help to lift sagging skin and reduce wrinkles, as it is in a way massaging the layers of your facial skin into a ‘V’ shape.

To my shock, my skin actually showed clear definition along my cheeks and jawline. You have to understand, I’m in my twenties – the best beauty years of my life. The fact that my skin showed any signs of sagging was incredibly scary for me. It also showed me that there was something missing in my skincare routine.

Next, she gave me a dollop of moisturizer from their Botanical Effects line. I can’t quite remember, but it might have been with dragonfruit. I was beginning to experience sensitivity to certain ingredients, which made my consultant more careful with what she recommended. Maybe it was because I had been running around that day, but the moisturizer felt extremely cooling and refreshing. She was very careful with keeping everything sanitized as she was giving me products to try.

Finally, she introduced me to the Botanical Effects Mask for normal skin. It smelled amazing (still does!) and was cooling to my skin. It’s an antioxidant-rich cream that can be used either as a mask or a scrub. The white-colored cream has a cooling property to it that shows its hydrating potential and also its many applications. It could be used as a pick me up, at the beginning of the nighttime skincare routine, or even to cool off in tropical Singapore. So far, I have only used it as a mask.

When it’s used as a mask, it is capable of hydrating and removing impurities without causing irritation, as it is formulated for both normal and sensitive skin despite being marketed only for the former. I recommend taking it off using wet cotton pads in a swiping upwards motion from chin to temple. If you’re a bit extra with regards to your skincare regiment, I would look out for the impurities that will appear on the cotton pads to see how much dirt your skin naturally picks up, and as a guideline to how much more you need to do to keep it clean.

In conclusion,

This skin consultation changed my perspective on my skincare regiment. I believed that I had a good handle on my skin type and needs, but the session thoroughly debunked it. I started incorporating more hydrating products and bought the mask I mentioned above. I fell in love with the Innisfree Green Tea Serum, and am currently using the Dr. Belmeur line from The Face Shop. I stopped using the MUFE Step 1 Mattifying Primer, and have moved on to using more hydrating mattifying primers (it sounds ridiculous, but I find that they work) as well as balancing primers with the foundation I use.

I do recommend the MaryKay Botanical Effects Mask for normals skin to people with hectic lives, skin that feels oily but feels tight (unbalanced skin), have skin sensitivities and anyone who can afford it. I would suggest looking out for local MaryKay beauty consultants by visiting their website at





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