A Talk about Marvel



a feeling of fear or anxiety about something that may happen.

The Spider-Man: Far From Home teaser trailer just popped up on my feed. A year ago when I’d watched the Black Panther movie, there was this sense of trepidation I felt as I was leaving the theatre. It wasn’t over the upcoming Infinity War where the Russo Brothers had teased insane (if mostly temporary) amounts of on-screen deaths.  It was because as a creator myself, I didn’t know if I could match up to them.

Now, it may seem stupid and even funny that I, a struggling blogger, am pitting myself against the colossal giant that we now know as the Marvel franchise, but consider if people had known me under a different job description. What if I had introduced myself as a storyteller; a writer?

Does that make me more credible? What is credible nowadays?

In a world where credibility is ruled not by triumphs but how many eyeballs, how many fans you can unleash in a feud, how does one establish storytelling worth in a global industry dominated by Marvel? Marvel gave the world what it wanted – a quippy romp in alternate universes with characters that are always likeable.

2018 was an interesting year, to say the least. There were amazing highs – like Black Panther, growing as a person, learning to breathe – and incredible lows – political antics, Trump, excess expenditures. But as I watched Far From Home, I felt instead a sense of ambition and understanding. This movie, I knew, would make a lot of money not just because of the Marvel franchise behind it, but because Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is the most balanced of all the other live-action Spider-Man versions, and I for one am tired of just having one part of Spider-Man be done well on screen.

In no way does or should the success of one creator detract or lower the success and quality of another creator.


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