Fenty Beauty and 240

This is how I went from the Fenty foundation shade 210 to 240, then 190 and back to 240.

When I finally bought a bottle of Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation, it was in the shade 190, described as ‘light with neutral undertones’. It did not match me, even in the sample that I bought, but I believed my Sephora consultant when she said it would oxidise. It didn’t, or at least not enough for the shade to blend into my neck and body. Even after it set, the colour was still lighter than my neck.

However, I have recently found out that I have neutral undertones. I am Asian, and therefore have the requisite though not universal yellow tint to my skin. The thing is, the yellow pigment in my skin does not constitute as a true ‘warm’ undertone because every time I erred on the side of warm – mind you, this was before Fenty – when I decided to brave another round of foundation finding, I turned orange.

My neck is also much lighter than my face, so it was either a case of too dark, too peachy, or too light and too pink.

When Rihanna dropped her concealer range (50!) just after new year’s, I was pumped but apprehensive. 190 didn’t work for me unless I bronzed myself so that the outer part of my face matched my tanned arms. Eventually, I went up to the Fenty counter in Sephora and had a consultant match me (shout out to Dani!)

To my shock, I was matched to 240.

At first, she had applied 260 after examining my clearly yellowing face – I was wearing Golden Beige from Too Faced (so not my colour, but more on that later) – and my overall colouring. She was surprised to hear that I had bought the shade 190, and it hadn’t oxidised. I may have been the first customer she has known to not have the famous dry down/oxidisation that Fenty is known for.

On my bare face, 260 did turn darker after about 6 minutes of me walking around the Sephora store. She went down to 240, but I was more concerned with the fact that my shade colour was so much deeper into the medium range than I thought.¬† I’ve always been darker than the standard in my race, and far darker than its racial ideal. And I thought I was okay with that, but clearly I wasn’t considering how bugged I was that I had been matched¬†waay darker than I had expected.

240 had been perfect. I had gotten the concealer shade in the same colour, because it blended perfectly between 240 and 260. The irony of this is that I had previously tried the shade 240.

When Fenty Beauty first came out with its 40 shades of foundation, I had gotten a match for the foundation. I had been matched to 220 (or 210) and my mom was matched to 190.

Ding-ding! Guess I remembered my shade wrong. Still have to finish it (190).

Later, I had gotten a sample of 240 because I had gotten a tan. I had left it sitting for too long, and the pigment most likely separated, which was how my face turned orange (I think).

So there you go, the short story to my long relationship with Fenty and 240.

I still haven’t used the 240 shade yet. But from having it applied by a professional, it was as described by Riri herself – ‘soft matte, light as air and full coverage’. I have normal to dry undereyes, and from that application, I would recommend prepping beforehand and possibly give your powders and your undereyes a break.


Too Faced & Fenty – A Match Made in Heaven?



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