Too Faced & Fenty – A Match Made in Heaven?

In my previous post, I was talking about owning the Fenty foundation in 190, and how despite being neutral undertoned (even though on, it states that it is for warm undertones), it was too light for me. I have since discovered a solution, as well as some thoughts about foundation matching.

I have found that by mixing the too-yellow (it’s marketed for golden undertones) Golden Beige Too Faced foundation with 190, the combination becomes more wearable overall for my normal-to-oily combination sensitive skin. I have a breakout on my chin from allergies and a bumpy red spot on my cheek.

The Fenty foundation would cause both irritations to flake and the scab to come off my skin. The Too Faced foundation would adhere well to both irritations, but makes my skin look like a greasy mess after an hour in an airconditioned room.

The combo gave me the longlasting powers of Fenty with the breakout-adhering properties of Too Faced. I only started oiling up about 5 hours into my workday with strategic powdering around my bumps, tip of my nose where I oil up the most, chin and undereyes.

It couldn’t be more perfect. I could use up two items that I have accidentally bought, and most certainly want out of my makeup closet.

But if you think about it, should I need to cocktail my foundation? Isn’t there supposed to be a perfect foundation for me, if only I would or could find it? With so many foundations already out in the market, shouldn’t it be easy to do so?

I have neutral undertones with a strong yellow skin colour. And that makes it far harder to get a perfect match. But what is a perfect match? I am only going to get fairer and darker between now and the end of the year. The only thing I have between now and then (Collin Raye, anyone?) is my undertone.

And my undertone is probably going to be the hardest to match, as I am starting to find.


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