Fenty 240 Concealer Review

Earlier this week, I had bought the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Concealer in 240. I have since tried it, and can attest to Rihanna’s claims.

Unlike the foundation, the concealer line does not darken/dry down/oxidize. The shade is a perfect match to my skin, to the point that when I checked in after a few hours, I wouldn’t even be able to tell if I had it on were it not for the fact that I had no under-eye shadows.  I don’t have any pictures from that day, so I’ll post again when I have it on. It’s very likely that I’ll be wearing it with a different foundation cause the Fenty foundation I have is in 190.

The claims included that the concealer has a soft matte finish, and I did not powder my under-eyes or my spots to see how long it lasted. The concealer sits very smoothly on my skin, giving me no troubles, and I did not have a reaction from wearing it the whole day despite it containing an ingredient that I’m allergic to.

My skin reacts to a variation of Vitamin E known as tocopheryl acetate. I may have earlier written it as tocopherol acetate. I get painful, deep red spots that produce thick, solid pus, my skin texture thickens and roughens, and I have broken veins on the side of my face. It looks as terrible as it sounds, but I’ve been working hard to keep it under control.

During the first few hours of wearing the concealer, I experienced some creasing and I was okay with it. There are only a few concealers that don’t crease on me, and they have to be quite creamy and moisturising – examples are the Too Faced Naturally Radiant Concealer in Medium and Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer in Natural Tan (this contains small amounts of tocopheryl acetate, so I don’t have a reaction).

Eventually my skin oiled up and the soft matte finish balanced it out excellently. I have long since given up on a matte visage in tropical Singapore – it’s not worth it for the amount of trouble I get into – and my skin vibe is editorial skin (just Google it), with varying levels of matte and dewy according to my mood of the day.  The Fenty concealer just fits this vibe.

In conclusion, if you have skipped to the ending, Fenty and Rihanna delivers on a soft matte coverage that works in humid, rainy, tropical Singapore. For dry skin, I highly recommend applying an eye cream before using this, and foregoing or using small amounts of setting powder on the under-eye area after application. So far I have no reactions to the concealer (fingers crossed!) and I recommend it to everyone who can afford it and is willing to finesse it for their own use.





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