Tips for a Better Contour (1)

The trend of 2019 seems to be straying from sculpting, but I’m here to show you how to do it regardless of era, and do it well. The original post I planned became too long, so I decided to cut it into smaller posts so that it’s easier to understand.

I must admit I was one of those people who read and worshipped the advice of makeup artists, Youtube makeup influencers and celebrities when it came down to contouring. I learned there was a type of beauty that centered around have perfectly sculpted nose, cheeks and jaws.

There were answers everywhere, but I didn’t know the first question to ask. Sure, I knew that if a person had a pink undertone, the contour shade should lean grey and not red. And the names and brands with ‘universal’ contouring shades that only served the light to medium range.

1. Colour

In 2018, Fenty Beauty came out. The amazing foundation range which pleased my Aquarius tendencies for diversity, the delicious lipgloss that didn’t glue my lips together, the unproblematic nature of the brand (ahem, smallpox).

And these babies dropped.

I’m happy to say that I own all three of these beauties. Even though 7DayWKND/POOLSIDE (the pink and purple highlighter) was demo’d on a darker skinned model, I still used it to contour my cheeks. It was fabulous, and it opened my mind to explore contouring in more than just the brown scribbles of stage, celebrity and Instagram makeup.

I did eventually learn how to do those scribbles without looking like I was trying two years old, but Fenty and Rihanna reminded me something about makeup that I had forgotten.

Makeup should be fun.



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