Tips for a Better Contour (3)

The trend of 2019 seems to be straying from sculpting, but I’m here to show you how to do it regardless of era, and do it well. The original post I planned became too long, so I decided to cut it into smaller posts so that it’s easier to understand.

3. So Pigmented!

In all seriousness, the level of pigment does matter when it comes to contouring. Unless you are highly experienced, I would recommend not getting anything higher than a medium saturation and a matte finish.

A sculpting powder with light pigmentation is just not worth the time because it’s not difficult enough to learn to use – it’s very easily removed and probably is hard to see due to the lack of pigmentation. The matte finish also makes it easier to use and blend into the skin. I would recommend skin-like finish, but not every skin type looks good in that style.

To learn to sculpt your face – and even body! – you need to have a good understanding of skin and the way shadow plays on your skin. Someone from Scandinavia is going to need something very different from another that comes from Vietnam. Not to mention people who have mixed heritages.

To start, I would recommend getting eyebrow powders and contour sets. I don’t recommend using them permanently, only to learn how much pigment you like and what’s the most suitable undertone for you. Then you know what colour to look out for as you find better formulas and create your desired look.

Just in case you are around my colouring, I find that my most natural contour by using eyebrow powder to sculpt my face.

Kate Tokyo Designing Eyebrow

This is the powder I use – Kate Tokyo Designing Eyebrow in EX-5 (their darkest shade). This won’t work for people darker than NW43, judging from online foundation swatches.

I’m around Fenty 240 and Maybelline 220 Natural Beige.

I also am able to use some dubious Japanese contour powders I own – it cost about $2 SGD? I didn’t contour much until recently when I accidentally on purpose perfected my contour style, so I own only limited edition contour sets or mix my own. I do have the Fenty Match Sticks in Maple and Bamboo – Maple is too close to my skin tone, and I’m thinking of either reselling or giving it away – and I use the Essence Me & My Umbrella mini contouring set.

Essence Me & My Umbrella Mini Contouring Set

It came in only one shade, but I found that it was good for what I needed. It’s not full coverage, blended well and can be easily worn for the whole day (for me) by just setting it.

I also sometimes use the Ilamasqua Gel Sculpt in Silhouette. It looks extremely dark, but I can assure you that it doesn’t look like chocolate smears on your face at first pass. It goes on sheer at first pass, making it very suitable for a variety of skintones. The shadow it renders on your skin is also very neutral, and can be easily tweaked with an additional powder or cream.

Illamsqua Gel Sculpt – Silhouette

I hope you guys enjoyed part 3 of the contouring series. Please like and comment on how and what are your favourite contouring techniques!

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