Vampire Academy – Movie and Novel Comparisons – SPOILERS (DUH)

Another review languishing in Tumblr…now with pictures:D

I am finally, FINALLY able to give a view to both sides of the story. Sorry it took so long, guys, My phone, my stories and basically life is screwing with me (damn you, MR. Zomboss!). Well, Let’s get started with the re-review of the movie.

From left to right: Cameron Monaghan, Sarah Hyland, Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry, Dominic Sherwood, Danila Kozlovsky

I seriously can’t get the damn thing out of my head. REALLY. And after some thinking, I decided Danila isn’t all that bad a casting choice. I mean, good heavens, the guy can act! I can still hear him in my head. The whole over muscular thing was probably some body-dismorphia leftovers from my childhood, since I’m about 52kg and still think I am big. Anyways…

I can see why the critics are disappointed. Sure, they might have made it a lot more funnier than it really is in the book. (Nosejob in montana, anyone?) But there was a lot going on plot-wise and mostly in the mind of Rose Hathaway. I mean, unless they (critics) want to have a film entirely filled with expositions and narrations, I think Vampire Academy the movie did extremely well. Besides, a film is a VISUAL novel. You need to have the main characters talking and humour is usually a good way to keep the attention. I think they did a really good job, since the film is supposed to tempt the audience into reading the book and well, here I am. Christian-ified. BTW, I have their soundtrack on replay on Spotify. Raise your hands if you love ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’.

I did get a good laugh out of Kirova. I can see why they casted Olga Kurylenko, since it made that all the more contrasting with Prince Victor, who was the only old guy in the film. The film gave away a lot of the story, but kudos to Richelle Mead for making the kidnapping so shocking. I prefer that they had actually revealed that Christian was already in the car with Rose and Dimitri when they were en route to save Lissa. Shout out to Dominic Sherwood for a job well done. I would have preferred to see him more than Mia Rinaldi. I love that his eyes are dual-colored, since it showcases the good and the bad sides of Christian Ozera. A second kick in the gut for the semi-reference to Princess Diaries. I would have preferred a little more insanity than the grumpy demeanor, but that’s just my fan-girl side coming out.

I cannot stop Googling the ‘holy sassy molassy’ scene. Or the fire scene. Or anything Romitri or Christian and Vasilisa.

Okay, now for the novel.

I both get and don’t get the whole dating and protecting Lissa thing. I get that they’ll be distracted, like when Rose gets hurt and Dimitri must go and protect Lissa. But at the same time because you are protecting both the love of your life and a treasure friend, as a half-human, wouldn’t it compensate for their tendency in situations of emotional compromisation? Or maybe it’s another one of those eternal conflicts between your job and your love? I’ve never dated before, or fallen in love, so I wouldn’t know. But given the choice, I would rather have both. We live too short and fast to let something like honor and fears keep us from what we love. One day, when I’m old, I want to look back at my life and know that I have done what I wanted, I have loved what I wanted and I am without regrets. As someone who is ‘shadow-kissed’, shouldn’t Rose be the same? Or maybe she is, since I’ve only read the first novel of the series.

I LOVE Christian in all his overprotective, insane, sarcastic glory. Dimitri too, which I have been unfortunately dreaming about but can’t seem to remember what. But I do prefer the fighting scene where Dimitri proves himself as a genius against another guardian. That. Was. Insane.

I’m not going to rearrange the film since I think it is pretty awesome as is. (Sorry, TMI. Maybe next time)

Until I find something else to talk about.