Foodies Diary – Samurice Sushi

So a few weeks back, I decided to have some sushi. Me and my colleague/schoolmate were discussing the lack of affordable but delicious onigiri in Singapore. Well, she was extolling the virtues of Samurice, and I was listening, because I am a foodie, and I was looking for cheap, healthy food that didn’t burn a hole in my wallet.

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ShadowHunters – Looks Like….

Episode 5 is out. I’ve watched and re-watched 3 and 4 just to see if there’s anything good to say. I’ve had to read about 8 reviews before I could justify sitting down and actually writing about the episodes, because I couldn’t believe that I hated a show so much, and felt so disappointed by it.

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Fantastic Four (2015) – Review, Opinion

Fox’s 10-year-old middle finger to Marvel and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the waiting begins.’

The first sentence probably sums up the movie. I still can’t believe I had my mom and brother watch this with me. Sigh. This is probably up there with my Jupiter Ascending movie review.

Okay, this is worse. 

First, there’s the behind-the-scenes insanity between the director Josh Trank and the guys in Fox. The filming and re-filming of scenes, the obvious hair issues, the weird background for Victor, and a basically poop-dumped-on script that might have been good if Fox would just shut up and let Trank do what he was paid to do – DIRECT.
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Star Wars – The Force Awakens Review (Spoilers!)

‘Great action, great emotional scenes, well-done easter eggs and fan service. Solid acting, solid script and solid casting. There was CGI used, but tastefully, and I could tell that JJ Abrams really went for sets as much as possible when it came to shooting the show.’

Okay, so this review will be without any idea of the story in episode 4, 5, 6, some of 2 and 3…which basically comes up with basically no idea of the story.

All I know is that Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are fraternal twins. There’s some sort of tension between Leia and Han Solo, who’s a international smuggler. Luke and Leia are children of Padme and Anakin, and both kids have the Force. The Force acts as a combination of telekinesis, mind control, telepathy and some other stuff I haven’t seen. Anakin is Darth Vader, and turns out to be the Chosen One, and proves so by sacrificing his life to save everyone else.

This movie occurs about 30 years after Episode 6??? I don’t know, somebody please clue me in.

Okay so here’s spoiler alert.

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Velourlips vs. Soft Matte Lip Cream (Australis versus NYX) – Review, Opinion, the list

Hi everyone:) It’s been awhile since I last posted anything here. I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting – it’s been busy. But let’s get going with the post!

As you guys have probably read the title, this post is about liquid lipsticks. I’m in the process of editing my video for general lip products, application and tips, so please stay tuned!

So today I wanted to talk to you about liquid lipsticks. It’s a fairly recent introduction into the makeup world, straddling between lipsticks and lipgloss. Its finish varies between satin, to matte, to recently gloss. The earliest and most well known form of liquid lipstick is probably the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream. They now have the Suede line, which unfortunately are not physically available in SG (alas, my dream shopping spree is still in America, Ulta or Target.) I believe they had reformulated it, but I’ve gotten the new formula, rather than the old one.

According to other bloggers and vloggers, the previous formula was more matte and really set onto the lips. The current formulation is a moisturizing matte formula – it’s similar to the Revlon Matte Lipstick in Really Red – but it doesn’t set. So do not wear this when you expect to be eating/pigging out on mac and cheese. The 17 colour selection is pretty good – considering that the most HG’ed liquid lipstick, Anastasia Beverly Hills, has 20. I found a perfect brown-nude with Stockholm

Tip: You know you have the perfect nude when you have pimples, no makeup and you still look like yourself with ‘normal’ lips. 

Finding nude lips is one of life’s biggest trails. MLBB (My Lips But Better) are easier, because these are colours outside of skintone – and we know that skin bases are the hardest to determine/find. I can honestly say, 8 out of 10 times, getting the right shade is a process

That’s why most people in SG go for BB creams or CC creams. But what about those who are darker skinned, have a tan, etc?

Anyway, I’m digressing.

NYX Soft Matt Lip Cream – Stockholm

If not the formula, then the colour is my gold standard for every other nude lipstick I buy from now on.


Which is why I usually sport berry, red or pink lips.

I also own the Soft Matts in Antwerp (neon medium-pink), Buenos Aires (super light neon peach orange), Istanbul (super light neon Barbie pink).

I have very pigmented lips, so it looks very weird when I wear light colours on my lips, especially if I don’t correctly cover/neutralise my lip colour, so Buenos Aires and Istanbul are a huge bust on me. It helps that Istanbul came in The Mortal Instruments set. Unfortunately, the set was not spectacular, even with the Jumbo Eye Pencil that came with it.

I’m also working in an area with fluorescent lights in orange and white. Neither colour is very complimentary to my or any skin tone – you can guess this is why most Korean drama, where there is a lot of ‘natural’ light, and everyone looks normal, is called dramas. I’ve found that matte shades, unless it’s eyeshadow, looks really bad in these sort of lights. I would suggest anyone working in this light to use BB creams, CC creams and anything that’s in the dewy to satin range in terms of foundation. I find that those look more like skin, rather than a flat matte canvas.

And again I’m degressing. Sigh.
So let’s get to Velourlips.

When Australis first landed in Singapore, I wasn’t very interested in the brand. I was looking for a longer lasting liquid lipstick than my Soft Matts – Revlon Matte Lipstick is okay, but slides when I start eating oily stuff…

Then I started Googling about the Best of Australis, and lo behold, I saw that Australis also sold their own version of a matt liquid lipstick. So I watched about 5 videos of ladies from different ethnicities and races to figure out where in the range I could expect my lip colours to come across, and I went to buy them!

It was definitely much better than what my Soft Matts can give in terms of formula. It dries to a flat matte, which is stunning on the darker shades, but a little too much with the paler shades. They do pack a lot of pigment, which can definitely stain the lip. I recommend when removing this product to slather a thick layer of moisturiser on your lips, leave it there for 5 – 10 mins, then take it off with a cotton pad. My favourite is the Nivea Soft Moisturising Creme for Hands, Face and Body.

I have three shades currently – Pa-ree, Buda-Pash and Shang-Hi. I tried NY-CEE in the drugstore, and loved the colour. I’m most likely not buying Bar-Tha-Lona, since I already have two other lipstick in the same pinky-red.

Pa-ree is a light to medium beige colour. It’s about 2 shades lighter than Stockholm, as a comparison. After my first trial with it, I’m reserving it for when I’m wearing heavy smokey eyes, which is never outside of tutorials since I have nowhere to go for it. 

Buda-Pash is a deep berry colour that borders on black on my skin tone. My mom thinks I look very wayang (i.e. theatrical makeup) when I wear it, so I’m keeping this to days when my mom doesn’t have to see me wearing it. 

Shang-Hi, by far my favourite lipstick, is a stunning purple-fuschia-pink colour. It matches several of my favourite shirts, which are also in the same colour family. 

The formula is definitely matte, and it pills up along the inner corner of the lip when I wore it the first few time. I don’t know if it’s just that I applied more lip balm on those nights when I know I’m going for a lip look the next day, or it’s just a ‘freshly-opened’ like wine phenomenon. But the pilling went away soon after the first few applications.

So pros & cons:


– Matte
– Richly Pigmented
– Sets completely
– Lasts 4 hours even with eating

– Can be drying without lip balm and regular exfoliation
– Limited shade range, especially in the lighter colours
– Stains lips
– Can come off in the inner lip area

Soft Matt

– Shade Range
– Pigmented
– Cheaper (in SG dollars)

– Does not set
– Can smudge very easily
– Definitely comes off in the inner lip area
– Goes everywhere when you eat while wearing the product

So my favourite for day to day colours is definitely Velourlips! Three Cheers for Australis! But my HG nude lip is still NYX Soft Matt Lip Cream in Stockholm. If only I could find a shade match…

Bye Guys!

Crimson Peak – Review, Opinions, Suggested Audience

A beginner’s guide to creepy houses, amazing detail, stunning cinematography, gore-ous CGI ghosts, and a haunting if cliched story. 

Hi everyone! Welcome back! And thanks for helping me hit 1000+ views!!!

I started this, like all things in my life, as a passion project, in the most inopportune time possible – high stress + bad grades. It’s been hard going, but thank you for being here with me, reading my articles:D I hope you have learned a lot from them:)

You’ve now seen some of the works I’ve done, so please tell me if there’s anything else I need to work on, or what other stuff do you want me to talk about? Thank you:D

Let’s get on with the review, shall we?

Edith Cushing (played by Mia Wasikowska), a naive young writer who can see ghosts, falls deeply in love with the dashing but mysterious Thomas Sharpe, an impoverished baronet, marries him and goes with him to live in Allerdale Hall, also known as Crimson Peak.

One thing you can’t fault Guillermo del Toro, the director of this film, is his attention to detail and amazing cinematography. The titular location, Crimson Peak, is a compelling and haunting land in England, also called Allerdale Hall. I mean, just look at this.

It’s stunning, isn’t it? It’s even more beautiful on screen. The movie definitely has that working for it, but that’s not all a movie needs (see: SuckerPunch). There needs to be a coherent and interesting plot.

Many critics say that the storyline is cliched, and the tension built throughout the film is wasted, which I can agree somewhat. I was a little disappointed when it was revealed, because the tension made my mental story spinning (basically trying to figure out what was going on) go a little crazy. 

(Plot Spoiler: So this is the first movie I’ve watched that is about sibling incest.

In fact, I feel that some of the plot lines that I came up with was more disturbing than the actual storyline. I have to admit, I am not a fan of horror shows, and this definitely is one, on a very low scale – I’m also an easy scarer (jump scares being one). This is probably the first show I genuinely chose to watch and freaked me out. I’m definitely never going to watch The Shining – although I have read the movie synopsis and plot. Not reading the book either.

But for a beginner, this is a good place to start with horror shows. It’s scary without being overtly disturbing – not being able to feel safe after you walk out the theatre being the standard – cinematically stunning, and great acting, especially with Jessica Chastain, who played Lucille Sharpe. (When she goes bat-shit after having killed her brother, Thomas, she really goes coo-coo.)

And, of course, I have to compare this with Pacific Rim, and Pan’s Labyrinth

All three are great movies, in their own way. They all share the same attention to detail that is so quintessential Guillermo, and a fantasy that takes you away from the world outside the theatre door. The first film that everyone will compare Crimson to is Pan’s Labyrinth, so let’s do that here, because I did that too:)

I can’t compare Pacific Rim with Crimson Peak, because other than the attention to detail, the two movies are completely different.

Pan’s Labyrinth is a Guillermo masterpiece. For some, it’s hard to believe that the person who created the Pale Man in the his lair created Crimson Peak, but I feel that these are two different movies by the same man. Pan’s was created and situated in a time and place where there is little to hope and dream of, and is a story both of a girl trying to find happiness and place to belong, as well as show another universe that could exist just off a corner.

Crimson Peak is Guillermo’s first intro into gothic romance horror. Gothic romances don’t exactly have the best reputation amongst audiences as a good storyline. There are good stories, but they usually involved fairly cliched plots compared to what we have in the media now – Scandal, Awake, How to Get Away with Murder, The Blacklist, Elementary, Silver Linings Playbook, etc.

For people who are just starting to watch movies, or moviegoers looking for a taste of decadent gothic romance, this is a movie to watch. I don’t recommend buying this however, as this sort of visual delight should be caught on the silver screen.

Enjoy the movie!

The Man from U.N.C.L.E – Review

Hi everyone:P It’s movie review time!

So today’s discussion/review is The Man from U.N.C.L.E. It’s directed by Guy Ritchie, who directed both Sherlock Holmes movies (that starred Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law). This movie stars Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, Alicia Vikander and Elizabeth Debicki. Hugh Grant does come in later in the movie, but the plot doesn’t cover him much so I’m not talking about him.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E is set in the 60s, when a nuclear bomb is being built and the Russian Intelligence  and CIA work together to stop a global catastrophe. It’s a very standard storyline, and little to no surprise in the plot. I had a few surprises, but that’s because I’m not so well versed with the Cold War. The characters are fun to meet. 

Napoleon Solo, A.K.A Superman, A.K.A Henry Smoking Cavill

Illya Kuryakin, A.K.A Prince Alcott, A.K.A Winklevoss Twins, A.K,A Armie Abbs Hammer

Yes, I know the captions were excessive, but I had fun writing them.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E is actually a tv series in the 60s. I didn’t have time to watch it before doing this review, and I don’t want to compare it to the original. I’m sure several websites have already done so. The story is simple, but that’s because it was conceived in the 60s. A lot has changed since then. But the dynamics of the characters, acting and sets is impressive.

But first of all, I need to talk about the characters. As you can probably tell, I love the two main leads, Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, or Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer. There is just this chemistry between them, the CIA ex-thief (Solo) and KGB agent (Kuryakin). The way they act between each other, it’s like two disagreeable brothers bickering who is better. Armie manages a Russian accent that doesn’t entirely devolve his speech into indiscernible growling, and remains entirely appealing throughout the movie.

Gaby Teller, A.K.A the A.I. in Ex-Machina, A.K.A Alicia Vikander

Armie’s chemistry with Alicia Vikander’s character, Gaby, is another interesting point. But first, watch the trailer.

This was the only thing I watched before getting into the cinema. I, and my mom, expected a romance between Solo and Teller (Cavill and Vikander). I was pleasantly surprised by Teller and Kuryakin’s romance/tension instead. It was beautifully played out by the two actors, and endlessly enjoyable. ( SPOILER: There’s the whole ‘almost-kiss’ thing between them, where they would well, almost kiss, and then something happens that breaks the moment.

The cinematography is excellent, very much in the sleek and humour-filled style of both Sherlock films, but with a 60s twist. (SPOILER: The scene where the two agents talk about high fashion….:DDDDDD)

All in all, a good movie for beginner moviegoers with little to no experience with 60s spy movies. It’s somewhat enjoyable for more experienced moviegoers, but the plotline is definitely simple. However, it’s the scenes between each plotpoint that are worth watching it. Can’t say much about Elizabeth Debicki, since this is the first film I have seen her in, only that she played a servicable, if powerful and scheming, villainess.

Bye guys.